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RSS Newsfeed

  1. Download via de Appstore (IOS) of Googleplay (Android) de app FeedReady
  2. Installeer de app op je tablet en/of smartfoon
  3. Open het programma, click op + en typ:
  4. Je krijgt een seintje via tablet of smartfoon als er een nieuw bericht is geplaatst.

Hieronder een verkorte handleiding in het Engels.

Which systems is FeedReady compatible with?
FeedReady is available for both iOS and Android, and can be downloaded for free from the App Store™ and Google Play™ Use FeedReady on your smartphone or tablet to keep up-to-date and read the articles from your favorite sites.

How can I make a list of the Feeds I want to follow?
It's really easy to create a Feed list with FeedReady. If you already know the name of the website, click on the button in the FeedReady home page and either type in or copy and paste the Feed address in the field. Otherwise, if you are browsing a website and decide to follow it, look for the button for subscribe to the Feed: FeedReady will automatically use it as the source.

How do I remove a Feed from the list?
If the articles from a website aren't as interesting as you thought they would be, and you don't want to follow them any more, you can remove the Feed from your list: display the list of Feeds and wipe your finger over the one you want to remove, then tap on the “Delete” button to remove it.

How do I share an article?
It's easy! Tap on the article's title to show its contents, then tap on the share button. Now you can choose whether to send the article as an email or text, or share it with your friends on Facebook or Twitter.
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